Commitment with our farmers

Only from the best milk you can get the best cheese. Therefore, in Queso Los Cameros we trust our farmers, the ones that provide the best cares to the animals before the sunrise and until the night falls, 365 days a year. In many cases, these ties with our suppliers were established in 1961 and they have continued, through the generations, to the present day.

Contributing to the economy of proximity is an essential requirement for Queso Los Cameros. Thus, our tank trucks collect the milk daily within a maximum radius of 120 kilometers around, what guarantees freshness, quality of raw materials, viability of their work and contribution to the environment. In addition, thanks to our philosophy, we involve the farmers in our project with training courses and continued support.

Together we achieve that the farms are sustainable and that the animals receive all the care, as well as a natural feeding as long as the time of year allows it, what guarantees the excellent quality of goat, sheep and cow’s milk that we need to elaborate our cheeses. They also comply with some ISO quality certifications: 14001 of environmental issues and 22000 that ensures the product traceability and the food safety throughout the cheese making process.

Sustainability of the rural areas at risk of depopulation has always been one of our main objectives. Besides the know-how of our current Cheese Master, Javier Martínez, we must add a great family legacy: the commitment of Queso Los Cameros founder, Jesús Martínez. As a quality cheese enthusiastic and as a great visionary, he promoted in the eighties that the farmers from the Sierra de Cameros settled in the area and prospered with their animals. Forty years later, Queso Los Cameros has placed a milk collection point in the picturesque village of Jalón de Cameros. In this collection point there are several tanks and we collect the milk there 3 times a week. This allows that the surrounding goat farms, that develop their activity in an area difficult to access for tank trucks, can go daily to deliver the fresh milk. They only need 15 minutes to pour it in the milk can and transport it to the milk collection point. A real and viable example that demonstrates that traditional grazing and rural areas remain a source of employment and resources. And, in this case, an excellent raw material. 

Only with this trust that link us we can elaborate special cheeses, with a marked personality and flavour.

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