Cheese is a “Living” product, changing with time and according to its environment. As a result, mold can grow on its rind or on the cut side. This does not mean that the cheese has gone bad; it will be perfect for consumption once the mold has been removed with a damp cloth or by rubbing with olive oil.

A cold environment of less than 15ºC and 75-85% humidity.

In the lowest part of the fridge, in an earthenware cheese dish or with the cut side protected (film, cloth dampened with water and salt, waxed paper).

Conservation also greatly depends on how the rind has been treated or how the cheese is packaged. For this reason, a waxed cheese, with a natural rind, or packed in jars, keeps better. On the contrary, a plastic painted cheese or vacuum packed cheese can loose its organoleptic properties and change its flavour.

If there is more than one variety of cheese to be stored in one place, it is a good idea to separate the cheese with molds (Cabrales, blue cheese … ) from the rest of the cheeses.

Another recommendation with regard to the Fromage Frais (Burgos) is to put the cheese into a container with salt and water and leave it in the fridge, this will improve and lengthen conservation.

In a cool room or cellar, turning the cheeses and rubbing with olive oil every 30 days, to control the mold (you can cure the cheese to taste, provided that it has a natural rind).

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